The difference between the sunnah and Quran

The QURAN is the foundation of Islamic law.

See full size imageIt is t he miraculous speech of God that was revealed to the messenger may the and blessings of God be upon him by the way of angel  “Gabriel “ it has been transmitted to us with so many chains of authority that it is historical authenticity  is unquestionable it is written down in it’s own  volume and it’s recitation is a form of worship.


As for the sunnah. It is every thing besides the Quran that came from God’s messenger, it explains and provides details for the laws found in the QURAN it also provides examples of the practical application of these laws it’s also either direct revelation from God or decisions of the messenger that were  than confirmed by revelation there fore the source of all the sunnah is revelation.

 the Quran  is the revelation that is not formally recited as an act of worship and the sunnah is revelation that is not formally recited .

the sunnah though is just like the QURAN in that .

it is revelation that must be followed and ordered to the Quran takes precedence over the sunnah in two ways for one thing the Quran consist of the exact words of God miraculous in nature down to the last verse . the sunnah how ever is not necessarily the exact words of GOD but rather their meanings as explained by the prophet.    





The position of the sunnah in Islamic law


During the messengers life time the QURAN  and sunnah were the only source of Islamic law. The QURAN provides the general injunctions that formed the basis of the law with out going into all the details and secondary legislation with the exception of a few injunctions that are established along with the general principals these injunctions are not subject to change over time  or with rhe changing circumstances of the people the Quran like wise comes with the tenets of  belief ` sets down acts of worship mentions the stories of the nations of old and provides moral guide lines.

The sunnah comes in agreement with the QURAN it explains the meanings of what is unclear in the text provides details for what is depicted in general terms specifies what is general and explains it is injunctions and objectives the sunnah also comes with injunctions that are not provided by the QURAN but these are always in  harmony  with it’s principles and they always advance the objectives that are outlined in the QURAN .

The sunnah is a practical expression of what is in the Quran this expression takes many forms some times ir comes as an action performed by the messenger at other rimes it is a statement that he made in response to something.

Some times it takes the form of statement  or action of one of the companions that he neither prevented nor objected to on he contrary.

He remained silent about it or expressed his approval for it.

The sunnah explains and clarifies the Quran in many ways it explains how to perform the acts of worship and carryout the laws.

That are mentiaoned in the Quran God. Commands the believers to pray without mentioning the times that the prayers had to be performed or the manner of performing them . the messenger clarified . this through his own prayers and by teaching the muslims how to pray he said “pray as you has seen me praying “.

God makes the hajj pilgrimage obligatory with out explaining it is rites Gods messenger explains this.




U dhaaf Halcelis

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